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Eoghan O'Sullivan

A trusted team player with a passion for digital marketing

Eoghan O’Sullivan is a digital marketing and advertising professional based in Dublin, Ireland. Eoghan has a personal mantra, which is:

“Always be optimising.” – Personal Mantra

This mantra spurs him on to do great work for his clients and he has the results to show for this approach. Working with key movers in the Irish digital marketing agency landscape, Eoghan has consistently increased return on investment for his clients through well thought-out strategies, taking advantage of technological developments and putting to work business acumen accumulated from almost ten years in business. The owner of an analytical mind, Eoghan will amplify any company’s online presence and drive converting traffic from largely organic sources. Making an investment in digital is a forward-thinking decision that will drive revenue for years to come.


Trip to the Hallowed Halls

They tell me that it's tough at the top. I hardly believe them. This week I spent some time in Google's offices in Dublin and my first time in the aptly titled Google Docks building. The occasion was the (belated) launch of Google Partners, a platform under which we...

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Google’s stand

To go to my Marketing and Advertising role I walk past Google every day. I like the fact that they are currently physically restructuring, building and waving goodbye to the older elements. This is reflected in the only way they overtly advertise themselves and...

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Marketing Achievements

Eoghan O'Sullivan is a trusted team player with a passion for marketing. Over the course of ten years working in marketing, Eoghan has amassed an impressive amount of marketing achievements. Coca Cola Hellanic Eoghan O'Sullivan started out working for one of the...

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