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Eoghan O'Sullivan

A Trusted Team Player with a passion for Digital Marketing


“Always be optimising.” – Personal Mantra

This mantra spurs Eoghan on to do great work for his clients and he has the results to show for this approach. Working with key movers in the Irish digital marketing agency landscape, Eoghan has consistently increased return on investment for his clients through well-thought-out strategies, taking advantage of technological developments and putting to work business acumen accumulated from ten years experience. The owner of an analytical mind, Eoghan will amplify any company’s online presence and drive converting traffic from largely organic sources. Making an investment in digital is a forward-thinking decision that will drive revenue for years to come.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The practice of increasing the amount of traffic from search engines is my core specialisation in digital marketing. I have learned how to grow visibility on search engine results pages; which tactics work today and always have an eye on new developments. Read my blog posts about SEO.

Content Marketing

By helping an identified audience reach their goals via helpful content, I get brands closer to their target market. I have experience in editing the written work of others, in proofing, researching and creating content that is compelling. Check it out by reading the blog.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Content that converts is great, but what if the content doesn’t reach all your prospects organically? That’s where I can grease the wheels for you and ensure a buck-banging return for a small outlay. My first love in digital marketing, PPC is where a lot of sales come from. Read my advertising posts for more.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Gaining more conversions per engagement is a no-brainer for many businesses. With CRO, I analyse the full picture to identify what might move the dial based on your data and changing consumer behaviour to formulate a hypothesis for test. The best test is the one where there is no guess. Read the blog on CRO techniques that work.


Search Leeds Conference 2017: Six of the best talks

With the hibernation of Dublin's LearnInbound; 2017 has been a year of fewer conferences to attend for Irish-based digital marketers. Indeed, since attending BrightonSEO, I've been chomping at the bit for another search marketing conference and when the search Leeds...

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Trip to the Hallowed Halls

They tell me that it's tough at the top. I hardly believe them. This week I spent some time in Google's offices in Dublin and my first time in the aptly titled Google Docks building. The occasion was the (belated) launch of Google Partners, a platform under which we...

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