They tell me that it’s tough at the top. I hardly believe them. This week I spent some time in Google’s offices in Dublin and my first time in the aptly titled Google Docks building. The occasion was the (belated) launch of Google Partners, a platform under which we all must now bow.

No. My love of Google though overcomes their Big Brother type tendencies, as you’ll know from my recentĀ post.

This time instead of the Foundry, we were on the 11th floor. From there the air looks pixelated, the champagne doesn’t result in early morning migrane and the competition rules are unwritten.

The event saw competing agencies in a room. Ho, hum. Indeed, our agency has just taken business from each of the Dublin-based main agencies represented at the event, but let’s not go into that too much.

There were to be just niceties at this event, aided and abetted by the usual social lubricants: drink and good company. And I’m definitely in a good company. We appear to be already using many of the “new” tools which were on show here at a members only event, and already part of the showpiece beta test which Google were soft-launching alongside the Google Partners platform.

For me, the event was really an exercise in reassurance. No more so than when one of the Google speakers uttered the golden words: “Mobile is now”. It doubtedly is and I agree wholeheartedly agree, but I suspect another product will be required as I rarely get as far as seeing an adwords ad in my mobile browser. And I don’t use mobile chrome. Plenty of work for the Googlers present to do, but I think they’ll have it covered, somehow.